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The Barca Quick Facts

As a fan, you of course will know that Barcelona is renowned for its historically skillful and attractive brand of attacking football that places an emphasis on flowing, open play. The team is part of a wider sports and social club with thousands of members.

Let’s assume you are a Barca fan, then you must know that the club was formed in 1899 by businessman Joan Gamper, who advertised for players in a local Barcelona sports magazine.

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Of course the Club first trophy was the Copa Macaya (Catalan championship) in 1902, and in 1910 “Barça” won the Copa del Rey (“King’s Cup”)—Spain’s leading national football cup competition—for the first time. In total, Barcelona has won 30 Copas del Rey, more than any other team.

Also La Liga that happens to be the top Spanish football league, was actually formed in 1929, and they captured the title in the league’s inaugural season.

To add to that, Barcelona won La Liga 26 times and has never been relegated to a lower division. Abroad, Barcelona has won the European Cup Winners’ Cup four times, the European Cup/Champions League five times.

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