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Cristiano Ronaldo Facts

Its clear i mean its no news that football today has been marked by stars who have inked their bodies in tattoos, from the likes of Dani Alves and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Also however, the Manchester United star, Cristiano Ronaldo of course has no single tattoo on his body and doesn’t plan on having any in the foreseeable future.

And above and beyond the aforementioned, Ronaldo is a devout blood donor. This could explain why he has no tattoos as the Red Cross guidelines stipulate that one should not donate blood at least four months after getting a tattoo.

And moreover, the Manchester United legendary front man has donated his bone marrow in a bid to help his teammate Carlos Martins’ son.

Additionally, other sure thing is that when you are Ronaldo, goals are the order of the day. But when you exceed all expectations, the world has recognized you. In 2008, he scored a whopping 42 goals and was awarded the FIFA World of the Year Honor.

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