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Brief Facts on C. Ronaldo

Normally, acquiring university education is the epitome for most people. However, Ronaldo has surpassed that and is now being studied at a university in Canada.

And surely, a Fourth-year sociology students at the University of British Columbia Okanagan study the life and career of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Don’t forget that beyond being a great footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo also has a great body that demands admiration both on and off the peach to fans and critiques alike.

The Man United star attributes his great body to the rigorous workout routine and the discipline to stick to it. He has allocated various workout routines on every day, apart from Tuesday, which is his rest day.

Do you know that Ronaldo has played in Portugal, England and Spain and he has scored in all competitions in which he has participated except in the Community Shield and the Europa League.

Also, you need to know that Gorka Iraizoz is actually the goalkeeper who Ronaldo has managed to beat the most times. The Basque keeper has been played 14 times against him and has conceded just 15 goals.

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