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If you are one of the West Ham fans, then you must be aware that in the early years the club played in London League, Southern League and Western League. In 1919, West Ham became a member of the Football League and participated in the second division the first season after the war.

Don’t forget that just four years later, West Ham was promoted to the first division. The same year, they would partake in a legendary game.

And of course definitely it was the first FA Cup final taking place on Wembley Stadium and the estimated attendance was far over 200,000. In the game, they would fall short to Bolton Wanderers.

Additionally, even though the club was actually reformed as West Ham United FC at the turn of the twentieth century, their roots go back to 1885 and the foundation of Thames Ironworks FC.

Of course it was founded by Arnold Hills, the director of the Thames Ironworks shipyard department; the idea was that a football team would improve the relations between the management and the workers.

To add to that, their humble beginnings definitely as a works team are a big part of West Ham’s history, which is most evident in the club’s most popular nicknames (the Hammers and the Irons), as well as in the club’s crest, which still features a pair of crossed rivet hammers.

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