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We have talked about some football facts in the past where we cover just the Premier League champions, Manchester City, this time we are doing it in a different way, of course we are talking about Real Madrid this tome around.

Reason Real Madrid wears Whites

Its stated that there are many legends and stories to why Real Madrid C.F. wears white uniforms, but the most popular goes back to the grassroots of soccer in Spain: many boys used to practice in their white undershirts.

Another Real Madrid is in out there

Note that Real Madrid South Africa is a semi-professional football club from Galeshewe, in the Northern Cape area of South Africa. Although the original name of the team was Ipogeng Stars, in 1989, the president of the club decided to rename the team Real Madrid as he was a big fan.

The new Real Madrid stadium is coming

Surely Real Madrid’s new Santiago Bernabéu will begin construction in 2018 and will be exactly 12 meters larger than the current stadium. Enlarging the size will be a necessity in order to install the retractable roof that will cover the new stadium.

FIFA declared Real Madrid C.F. as the best team

Another thing is that, FIFA named Real Madrid C.F. the ‘Most Successful and Best Football Club of the 20th Century’. Do you agree with that?

Are they the richest and most popular team?

This R. Madrid football team is the second richest in the world in terms of revenue, and the second most valuable club in the world to date. Base on records they aparently earn more than €600 million per year, and have a fan base of more than 228 million supporters.

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