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Actually, if you are one of the Cityzens, then I must ask you, do you know there was a season Manchester City won the league title and the next season they wend down the sink put up not enough performances and they were relegated that season you should know that if you are a fan. So lets talk about that.

And of course, if we look at it Traditionally, City have not defended titles well. Hence it would be a big challenge for Guardiola to defend his title if Manchester City win the league this season.

So now looking at it, their worst title defence came in the 1937/38 season when Manchester City got relegated after winning the league title just 12 months before.

It was actually City’s first title in their history which was sweetened more by the fact that their arch-rivals Manchester United had just been relegated and right on Tenor sky

However, just after a year, it was their turn to face the music as they finished second from bottom with 36 points culminating in the worst defence of the title.

Surprisingly, City began their relegation season better than their title-winning campaign when they had won just 2 of their first 10 games. However, City could not recover as they had done in their previous season, losing 1-0 to Huddersfield on the final day to head to the second division.

It’s also important to know that it took Man City another 10 years to return to the first division to start playing top class football again playing alongside top teams like Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and many other teams.

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