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Incase you don’t know, before there was any team like Leeds United, there was Leeds City. The club was formed in 1904 and played at Elland Road, managed by pre-war legend Herbert Chapman at one stage.

And of course During the First World War, however, the club came under fire for illegal payments to players and they were expelled from the Football League with the new United side forming in the Midland League.

If you Believe or not, Staffordshire club Port Vale were greatly entwined in Leeds’ early days. They were the lucky side who prospered from Leeds City’s demise, taking their place in the Football League.

Also when Leeds United finally joined them in the Second Division in 1920, who did the Whites play in their first professional game? That’s right, it was The Valiants from Burslem, who came out victors 2-0.

And to add to that while Don Revie was dominating English football on the pitch with his brash Seventies team he was also revolutionising it off the field.

Of course you’ve got him to thank for having to fork out £50 a season for a new home shirt, as he saw the opportunity to sell replica kits and Leeds United were the first team to do so, with the help of sportswear makers Admiral. Others soon followed.

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