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Lot of United fans are eager to know about their favourite players, let’s take for instance DDG also known as David de Gea, he was the winner of Golden Glove in 2017-18 season, De Gea also won the Premier League championship in 2012-13 season with Manchester United.

In addition, De Gea has also featured for the LaLiga side, Atletico Madrid, and has made a total 513 appearances throughout his club career so far which is so brilliant.

In a normal way, we all know that it is no coincidence that Manchester United is considered to be the best team of all time to have played in the English Premier League.

Definitely, over the course of the last 25 years in the league, United has scored a total of 1909 goals, beating Arsenal in this regard by over 160 goals.

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Also On the whole, these goals have helped United win 622 matches, beating second place Arsenal by 84 wins. With a world class lineup of keepers, United also have the highest number of clean sheets in the Premier League, numbering at 433.

De Gea has made 848 saves for United and has earned 108 clean sheets since his arrival at Old Trafford. He has also saved two penalties for the Premier League club and collected 6 yellow cards so far.

Another fact some people don’t know is he is not a talented penalty saver compared to other goalkeepers in English football history.

Base on stats, this talented United star has only saved 2 penalties in 23 penalties he has faced, earning a low rating of 8.70%, while David Seaman sitting at the top of the best penalty savers list with a rating of 31.82%, has made 7 saves in 22 penalty occasions, which sound good.

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