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I think its time we talk about one of the NBA finest and Lakers talisman, I’m talking about Anthony Davis himself, I believe some NBA fans be Lakers fan or not will want to know one or two things about him.

Lets look at his glowing first, As a sophomore in high school, Davis was an under-the-radar 6-foot-2 guard. As a junior, he only had one scholarship offer from Cleveland State.

And of course He then grew alot. Anthony shot up to 6-foot-10 by his senior year, switched over to forward, and signed to play for Coach Cal at Kentucky. The rest is history

the Lakers star, but make it cereal. During his one year at Kentucky, fan Danny Palmer created a portrait of Anthony using only cereal that’s right The 4×4 portrait was made using Kix, Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs, and Cap’n Crunch.

Don’t forget that AD shines when the stars are brightest, All-Stars that is. AD holds the record for most points scored in an NBA All-Star Game with 52 in 2017. He put on a show on his homecourt in NOLA and was named MVP of the game at only 23 years old, that’s brilliant.

To add to the above facts about him, AD is actually known for his prominent unibrow, and even trademarked “Fear The Brow” before being drafted in 2012. He loves that it makes him unique and hasn’t wanted to shave it. Although, he did pretend to for April Fools’ that was in 2018 though.

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