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Incase you are NFL fan, you need to know that NFL game was first televised in the year 1939 and the game was televised in New York on about 500 television sets.

Also just until the year 1943, football players in the NFL were not required to wear a helmet. The old-school types, however, were allowed to continue playing with helmets.

Additionally, the number of people, who get married on any day in a year in the United States, is lowest for Super Bowl Sunday, and a 30 seconds long TV commercial played during the Super Bowl cost the advertising company a whopping $3 million in 2011.

Do you even know that the NFL had its inaugural season in the year 1920. At that time, and it was called the American Professional Football Association.

The final parts of the NFL facts is that all footballs used in the NFL games usually come from a Wilson manufacturing plant located in Ada, Ohio.

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