PP Champ 4

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Anywhere in the world his name is mentioned, Almost everybody will recognize and knows him, I’m talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United star, who also happens to be the greatest goal scorer in football history.

But the question is, who know CR7 father, only few people does, well, Cristiano Ronaldo’s father, José Dinis Aveiro, was the equipment manager for the local club Andorinha.

(The name Ronaldo was added to Cristiano’s name in honour of his father’s favourite movie actor, Ronald Reagan, who was U.S. president at the time of Cristiano’s birth.)

And incredibly at age 15 Ronaldo was diagnosed with a heart condition that necessitated surgery, but he was sidelined only briefly and made a full recovery.

Also don’t forget that CR7 first played for Clube Desportivo Nacional of Madeira and then transferred to Sporting Clube de Portugal (known as Sporting Lisbon)

Of course where he played for that club’s various youth teams before making his debut on Sporting’s first team in 2002.

Everybody knows that Ronaldo was a formidable athlete on the pitch. Originally a right-winger, he developed into a forward with a free-reined attacking style.

In addition to the above facts, he was able to mesmerize opponents with a sleight of foot that made sufficient space for openings in opposing defenses.