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If you love NBA, do you even know that Lebron James First Basketball Moves Were Practiced Under a Milk-Crate Hoop

Adding to that, while still a toddler, older boys taught LeBron James his first basketball moves under a hoop made of a milk crate fastened to a telephone pole using nails. This was the first hoop that James encountered. The nails that fastened this hoop still exist.

Another remarkable facts about theKid from Akron is that a Football Coach Noticed LeBron’s Sportsmanship When He Was Only 9 Years

Also, without Brian Kelker, a coach of a football youth team, James couldn’t have been the person he is today. Kelker was searching for youth footballers and when he encountered LeBron and his friends, he asked them to participate in a footrace.

However, the Los Angeles Lakers star, of course LeBron actually won by 15 yards and was recruited to join the East Dragons youth football team at only 9 years which sounds incredible.

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