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Giannis Is the First Greek to Win NBA MVP

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Actually in 2018, Giannis became the first Greek player to win NBA MVP in history. Giannis’ story is incredible and should inspire many more young kids in Greece. It also demonstrates that basketball continues to become a truly international game

Gone are the days when Giannis was new to American culture, he sent a tweet saying: “Man, I just had my first smoothie. Man, God bless America.”

Of course Seeing him discover American culture at an older age was amusing and part of Giannis’ appeal. This is why his fan love him – he is such a genuine person who’s always joyful and happy.

Giannis in the Army
Of course as unusual as it may sound, Giannis completed his mandatory military service in Greece. In fact, Greek law obligates adult men up to 45 years old to complete 9 months of military service.

Also him and his brother Thanasis were able to complete their service in less than 9 months due to the fact they live in the U.S. They completed it during the summer of 2016. Definitely one of the stranger Giannis Antetokounmpo facts we came across!

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