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NBA Quick Facts

Without any doubt, one of the best of all-time  in the NBA, Shaq is a four-time NBA champion and a 15-times NBA All-Star. He dominated each and every aspect of the game, except one.

And of course he has attempted 22 three-pointers in his entire career and has converted only a single out of them. It is hard to imagine a player with 11,196 buckets in his NBA career but only a single 3-pointer in it, isn’t it?

Also, surely it definitely was on 16 February 1996 when Magic inbounded the ball and with two seconds left on the clock, one of the ugliest bank shots ever in the history of NBA was made by Shaq

To talk about Klay Net Worth, presently, Klay has a net worth of $38 million but like we said, that’s at the moment. Klay’s getting a huge payday, maybe even a max contract, and that net worth will only rise with time.

However, Klay tends to be a bit old school with his finances and credits that to his father’s influence, and he is not one who goes out and blows his money on over-the-top items like some other players. While he does live a lavish lifestyle, he’s managed to maintain it easily and without the headaches.

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