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As a true Man United fan, then surely you may wants to know more about Bruno as they call him, who exactly is Bruno Fernandes Idol is what some really want to know , Before becoming a role model himself, Bruno Fernandes was inspired by the greats. Since his childhood, the Portuguese star loved artists to impress with their techniques.

You need to be aware that Bruno started out as a central defender! Before becoming a maestro compared to Andrea Pirlo, Bruno was a defender, a position he didn’t choose and which could have given him a completely different trajectory.

And of course, the Manchester United star learned Italian by himself. Bruno Fernandes left Portugal for Italy when he was 17. He signed for Novare after being rejected by Boavista but the kid wasn’t prepared.

Including the facts that he didn’t speak the language and suffered from serious home sickness. But he worked hard and learnt Italian by himself.

Also of course the number 8 is his lucky number: Since joining Manchester United, he’s had the number 18 on his jersey but 8 is the number he holds there to his heart. He even has it tatooed to his right arm.

In addition, the United star has a strange penalty taking technique. There’s no doubt Bruno Fernandes is a penalty specialist, a reputation he owes to his somewhat academic approach to taking them. Just like Chelsea’s Jorginho, he jumps before striking the ball during a penalty kick.

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