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We all know that Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is actully one of the oldest and best English football clubs. The club has a rich history of excellent sportsmanship and skilled players who have shaped the sporting landscape of England.

The team however has been one of the most consistent in winning matches through the decades and continues to be a significant part of the football world.

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Tottenham Hotspurs are only behind the Manchester United and Arsenal Football Clubs to be the most successful clubs ever to play in the FA Cup.

Of course definitely the Spurs have won the FA Cup 8 times, and they have managed to reach the final round of the championship nine times.

Durig the 1963 season, Tottenham Hotspurs faced off against Atlético Madrid at Feyenoord Stadium, beating them in the European Cup Winners Cup final by 5-1 aggregate, and becoming the first British club to have won an important European championship trophy. Jimmy Greaves and Terry Dyson scored two goals each, followed by one goal by John White.

The team have the honor of scoring the most goals in a single match in the Premier League, beating Wigan Athletic at White Hart Lane in 2009.

The Harry Kane side beat Wigan Athletic by 9-1 aggregate in this match, making a record of the greatest number of goals in one half of the league. They also hold the record for the most goals by one team in one half of the league.

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