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As a normal thing in sports, most especially football, all football clubs have some incredible facts some fans don’t know, Same thing with Liverpool, surely there are some facts you need to know about the Jurgen Klopp side.

To cover some facts about Liverpool, firstly do you even know that Everton FC was the first football team to play in the Anfield stadium that is famous today as Liverpool FC’s historic home.

Also, definitely a dispute between Everton and the site’s owner, John Houlding, resulted in Everton moving to Goodison Park and Houlding forming a new team that was eventually named Liverpool FC.

You also need to know that the new club played its first game in 1892 and won its first league title in the 1900–01 season.

Another thing is that during the 1906 Anfield’s newly constructed terrace grandstand was christened Spion Kop for its resemblance to a hill where a famous South African War battle had been fought, which led to the well-known “Kopites” nickname for Liverpool’s fans.

Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp is doing pretty fine and great, they have won UEFA Champions League, also Premier League title, that’s a great achievement of course

So for the last part of the facts, Liverpool as a club is the most successful English team in European football tournament history, having won six European Cup/Champions League trophies. The club has also won the English top-division league title in 19 different times which sound incredible

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