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Max Verstappen, who, alongside Red Bull, engaged in fierce competition with Mercedes since 2016, expressed his frustrations during the period of Mercedes' dominance, where securing race wins seemed unattainable. He also discussed the impact of the Brackley team's "party mode", which he believes distorted the genuine nature of racing.

Key Takeaways:

===> Max Verstappen, having been in intense competition with Mercedes since 2016, expressed frustration during the period of Mercedes' dominance, where winning races seemed unattainable.
===>Before 2020, Mercedes had a mode called 'party mode' for an extra performance boost during a single lap in qualifying, but Verstappen believed it was reserved for race days, impacting Red Bull's performance.
===>Verstappen prefers Sundays, emphasizing the importance of scoring points, and plentypass f1 streams expresses joy in the current position where he can compete and win, a dream he had during the frustrating Mercedes era.

Before 2020, when a rule was implemented to prohibit changes in engine modes during qualifying, for latifistreams f1 Mercedes had nicknamed a mode in its car called 'party mode' for providing an additional performance boost if required during a single lap.

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However, Verstappen believed this configuration was saved for race days, resulting in Red Bull getting close to Mercedes in qualifying but falling behind on race days. When asked if he was the reason why he was a better racer than a qualifier, he told Motorsport-Magazin.com: