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If you are an NFL fans, lets talk about Odell, for signing with the LA Rams because it “just felt right”, Odell was welcomed to L.A. by some royalty before he even step foot on the field.

As we all know, OBJ now brilliantly gets to play in the same city as his good friend LeBron, who tweeted his excitement just after the news broke!

And of course L.A.’s surely his present, and Hollywood just might be his future. After Odell retires, he says he could see himself making movies and other shows. That day won’t come just yet though. OBJ doesn’t plan on retiring till he reaches 23,000 receiving yards!

IF you don’t forget, in 2019, Odell actually told GQ that the one item that means the most to him is his gold chain with a pawprint pendant on it. That pawprint was shaped from the paw of his late-pup, and is something he wears even when he’s on the field.

To add to that, it’s actually no secret that Odell Beckham and popular and legendary rapper Drake are close friends; OBJ was in Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” music video, after all. But, there’s more.

You need to also know, incase you forget that the LA star man actually LIVED in Drake’s Calabasas mansion while Drake was finishing “Views” in Spring 2016!

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