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In a very normal way, the top-ranking teams of course at the end of each season engage in a playoff to determine the NBA champion, which claims the title of world champion.

And of course the most dominant team in NBA history was the Boston Celtics, which, led by Centre Bill Russell, won 11 of 13 titles from 1956–57 to 1968–69; however, the league in those years contained only 8 to 14 teams, and team owners widely avoided signing African American players at the time.

Also don’t forget that other outstanding clubs were the Minneapolis (later Los Angeles) Lakers in the 1950s, the Los Angeles Lakers in the ’80s, and the Chicago Bulls in the ’90s.

The GSW star, Klay Thompson is a professional basketball player who has become one of the best shooting guards in the NBA. Klay comes from an extremely athletic family playing sports throughout his childhood.

Also he of course went on to star on the Washington State University basketball team for several seasons before moving on to the NBA. His father is also a former basketball most notable for playing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

In addition to the above facts, now that the Golden State Warriors key player is starring in the NBA finals, you might be wondering more about him. Up there are the 20 things you didn’t know about Klay Thompson, one of the talented Warriors stars.

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